N,N – Diethyl hydroxyl amine(DEHA) P-toluene sulfonyl amine(PTSA)
N,N – Diethyl hydroxyl amine(DEHA 98%) Sodium p-toluene sulfinate(SPTS)
N-Isopropyl Hydroxylamine(IPHA) Guanosine(GR)
P-toluene sulfonyl chloride(PTSC) 1-β-D-Ribofuranosyl uracil (UR)

We,Jiaxing Xiangyang Chemical Factory was founded in 1979.Our factory is located in Jiaxing Xiucheng which is an Industrial Development Zone. Transportation is very convenient as it takes about one hour to Shanghai Port from our factory.Our factory covers an area of about 47000 square meters...

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